First Timer's Luck!

This morning Josh and I decided to go hit up some garage sales.  It was actually my first time checking them out!  I didn't really expect to find anything.  I was hoping to maybe find some cool frames or bottles, but that was about it.  Man was I wrong!  At first we found a frame which we paid too much for and I now have decided that I don't like it.  I think I'm most bummed that we paid a dollar, but I could have talked them down and I didn't even try, but it was my first time.  Then we found this cool thing for our bathroom.  Since we don't have a medicine cabinet, we have been looking for something like it for some time.  She wanted $8, but we got it for $5.  All it needs is a fresh coat of paint and it will be perfect!  We then found another cool frame.  It is copper (and super heavy).  It has a cool vintage look to it and it was only 50 cents.  Then we found our gem!  This cool vintage looking chest.  They wanted $20, but I got them down to $10 which was quite the steal!  At our last stop we found this metal star which I want to paint for 50 cents.  Overall I am super excited about our purchases!



  1. I like that vintage chest, I've heard of people getting silver flatware from yard-sales on the newport coast. Most likely a fable? I hope.


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