Just Ask!

I feel like I finally became a true housewife when I started going to parties, loving the food people brought, and wanting to ask for the recipes.  Well it is official...I ask!  When I first started dating Josh and started going to holidays with his family I fell in love with his aunt's garlic knots.  They are to die for (just saying)!  After Josh and I got married I finally asked for the recipe and have made them quite a few times.  The only problem is once you start, you can't stop eating them!

So my philosophy is always ASK!  The worst that could happen is they say no.

So can I have your favorite recipes?!


  1. Wait, I didn't know you had the recipe! I want!

  2. I just posted a great Pasta recipe


    I want to the KNOT RECIPE! Just askin'!!!!!!!!

  3. I'll get the recipe up for you both soon!!

  4. Okay sad news...I can't post the recipe. I decided to ask permission before I posted and I'm glad I did! It is a family secret recipe. So I guess you just need to invite me over and I'll bring the rolls! Sorry friends!


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