The Living Room Explosion

My poor husband!  Saturday morning our house was spotless...a rare occasion in my home (I rarely clean the entire house in one clean sweep...I usually do the kitchen one day, the bathroom the next, ect.)  Well what was a joyous occasion in our home did not last long.  You see Josh's mom has always loved to scrapbook (my first creative love) and to make jewelry (something I have never attempted).  She has gathered quite the collection of supplies.  Yet recently she has stopped crafting as she has been uninspired.  To my great fortune, she said she'd gladly give me her collection of supplies since they've just been sitting in boxes for quite some time.  I was thrilled!  I could not wait until we got together with her again so I could use some of my spring break time to get some projects going!  I've been in the mood for some time, but not in the mood to spend the money on all of the supplies.  I have a lot of scrapbooking supplies, as it has always been my thing, but not enough to not need to make some additional purchases to get me going again.

So Saturday afternoon when Amy brought me three large boxes...I was like a kid in a candy shop.  One of the boxes was filled with scrapbook supplies (which doubled what I already had).  There were so many new stickers and letters and ribbons and papers and so on!  I was ecstatic!  I immediately got out my box of supplies (which I haven't used since I've been married) and grabbed a storage bin which was just sitting empty in the garage and got to work organizing and separating everything out so I could be ready to start scrapping right away!  The scrapbooking supplies was the easy part.  The beads and I mentioned before is not my thing yet (we shall see how I do!) and so it has been out ever since.  This morning I finally had a chance to start to go through it all and figure out what it was that I now have.  I'm interested in using some of the things for embellishments and the like, but I'm not sure how to organize it all and so it sits.  (To my defense we were at church all day Sunday getting ready for Mexico and as soon as we got home we left for Del Mar to visit my Nana and Papa.  We didn't get home until about 9pm Monday.)
So yesterday morning Josh asked me if I was going to finally get this mess cleaned up today and I honestly said no...there was soo much to do that I didn't have the time to even start.  So today I've plan to clean it up, but I went into Josh's office to help him with paperwork for Mexico and once I got home I was  inspired to try some other projects and so it still sits and I have to go off to youth group in about an hour.  So we shall see....

My husband has been gracious and sweet, but I shouldn't push it.