Love, Joy, Peace

Quite some time ago I was inspired to make a hanging sign for the wall between our patio door and window.  I wanted to get some chalkboard paint and three small slats of wood and make a "chalkboard" sign that said love, joy, peace.  The only problem was that it would have required purchasing chalkboard paint, wood, and chalk--too much!  One day Josh was off doing something and I had some time and I revisited my idea.  I had some leftover canvas fabric, a can of black spray paint, some white wall paint, and the idea that I could use those three to make my little sign.  At the very least I could try to make it work and if I failed, all I would have wasted was a little time.

So I cut out three rectangles from the fabric and dusted them in spray paint (I didn't want them to be completely covered).  I let them dry and about 2 weeks later (when I finally mustered up the inspiration to finish what I had started), I took some white wall paint and a small paintbrush and painted love, joy, and peace on each of the canvas pieces.  I was talking on the phone as I started to write and so I wasn't too focused on what I was doing.  First I wrote out love, but it was off center, so I added a heart (phew--easy fix)!  Then I wrote out joy and of course my "y" turned out looking a little funky.  Finally I wrote out peace and my "p" got a little smeared and when I tried to fix it, it just got worse.  So yes its handmade by a human (who doesn't have perfect cursive and certainly not perfect painting-on-a-canvas-cursive).  But you know what...I like it!  It has character!  After the paint dried, I hot glued some twine to connect the three pieces and make a handle (?) to hang it.  When I picked it up it was a little droopy and so I just snipped off some cardboard from an empty La Croix box and glued a strip to each piece and suddenly I had a sturdy sign.

Here is my baby sign...character and all!

I think it looks great and I love the way it brings out the black in the chairs and gives that pop to the living room/dinning room (we have an open floor plan where it all flows together)!

And you know what the best part was?  Josh came home and was like hun I love it!  I like that it looks kind of like a chalkboard.
No joke that is what he said!  What's more is that I had never mentioned to him that my original hope had been to make a chalkboard sign...pretty snazzy!