Newness of Life!

The ultimate sign of Spring is new life!  As I think about today being Easter and why we celebrate, I am in awe of the new life I have in Christ!  Today we celebrate that Jesus rose from the dead and conquered death and that he did in fact die, but he did not remain dead…He is alive!  
Today as Josh and I ran from our church’s two services this morning, to my parents’ for brunch, to Josh’s dad’s house, and to his mom’s I was determined to keep my focus on the reason I have to celebrate, my salvation and new life.  I knew that today it would be easy to be distracted by family, our tight time schedule, and making food to bring to my mom's and so this morning I spent time in prayer asking God to keep my focus on Him and His work on the cross.  There were a few moments were I lost my focus, but by God's grace He brought my focus back to Him.  I am so grateful that I get to live in the fulness of God’s grace and that today we could set aside the time to focus on the work He did on the cross!

Happy Easter!