Ohhh Mexico!

Josh and I are headed down to Mexico for the next week to go on a missions trip with our youth group.  As we were getting ready, there were sooo many things to think about (as usual)!  But then I realized...this week is going to be simplified!  We are camping and just spending time with the kids at our sister church, Templo Ebenezer, sharing with them the word of God.  What a simple life.  What a purposeful life.

The only down side is no showers for a week!  The upside to that is that this is my "toiletry bag."  Only face wipes, deodorant, hair ties, head bands, a tooth brush, and some tooth paste.  Its that simple.  No make up, no hair product...just the basics.

I'm looking forward to a week of the basics: Jesus, food, and children.