Simply Textured

So I never thought I could paint...well and I'm pretty sure I still can't.  I guess that is besides the point.  I made my first painting.  I was going for a textured look.  A long time ago I was inspired by something on someone's blog and the idea just stuck, so I decided to make a textured painting in a solid color.

I wasn't sure if it would work out and so I just bought a cheap canvas at Big Lots for only $3 and I got to work.  I used just an Elmer's glue bottle and started to make lines up and down the canvas.

I let them dry and then I went over it a few more times to give it a little more dimension.  I didn't want the texture of the canvas to show through and so I brushed glue onto the entire canvas, filling every crack.

I then was ready to paint!

We had some left over white wall paint and so I just decided to use that.  I loved the effect I got with the first coat.  The paint cracked all over and it looked really cool! The only problem was there were some rather large portions of the painting that the paint didn't crack on.  I had assumed that since I used wall paint that it shrunk and that is what caused my admired affect.  

Yet, apparently that was not the case.  I put on another coat and got a very smooth canvas.  True this was my original intent, but I loved the cracked look.  I guess I'll have to keep experimenting!

I am sooo happy with my end result and what is even better, the entire project cost only $3!