Spring at South Coast

This past Thursday I went to South Coast plaza with 65 first graders...oh what an experience!  When I was asked if I would go on the trip with two of the classes that I work with to this garden field trip I said yes and didn't think twice about it.  As we pulled up on the bus to the mall the students were so excited!  Many of them screamed "I've been here before!"  I was rather confused as to why were at South Coast.  So we get off the bus and start walking through the mall.  All around the mall there are people's booths set up with some beautiful plants and decor...I was in heaven, but I didn't get to enjoy it.  Instead I had to make sure we didn't loose anyone as we walked through the crowds of people during our two lap walk around two stories of the mall.  The students then got to hear this amazing story teller tell the story of Chrysanthemum, along with a few other stories.  Then they made bird feeders and planted sunflowers.  Of course a few friends had to go to the bathroom (which was one story below us and on the other side of the mall!) and Miss Kaitlin had the privilege of taking them.

And we are off! 
The room where the story-telling and crafts took place..
I just loved the chalkboard wall!
Story time

Planting Sunflower Seeds
Bird feeders
As I walked a student to the bathroom (twice) I got a better look at some of the exhibits and tried to snap a few pictures (which weren't the greatest-because I was walking).  Today Josh and I are heading back over to the mall to enjoy it together!  We wanted to go Thursday night after I got home, but I also had tutoring that day and didn't make it home until about 5:30.

Sorry for the blurry...I was walking...but love the theme!

Love the colors

One of my favorites...going back for inspiration!
 As we headed back to the bus (after experiencing the chaos of 65 first graders in the mall in a crowd) we had the students hold hands as we walked...another quite interesting experience!

I just think this is the cutest picture!

So today we are off...I'll be sure to get some better pictures and report back!