Surprising Results

I've always been curious about homemade cleaning solutions. It is so easy to spend a ton of money on cleaning supplies that just don't work to your satisfaction.  My frustration first began with my carpets. We have a bottle Resolve spot carpet cleaner which does an okay job at removing spots, but it certainly doesn't knock my socks off.  Plus the stains always resurface a few weeks later and I don't have the time to care for my carpet every few weeks.

You see when you have a cat who knocks over everything and is constantly stepping in something and then walking all over the white carpet leaving tiny evidences of his naughty behavior, you want something good. Something that really gets those stains out!
So one weekend Josh was away on a men's retreat with our church and I finally had some time to start some projects and to deep clean our home, I started to do some research. I read a ton of different peoples advice as to what household items could be used to remove the toughest stains. Let me tell you, there are quite a few opinions out there on this one. 
I just decided to combine all of the "data" and take the most common ingredients suggested and  methods and do some experimenting.

What I found was that when you mix white vinegar and baking soda to form a thick paste and scrub it into your spots--IT WORKS!! All you have to do is let the paste dry (after you've really worked it into the carpet) and the vacuum it up and the dark spot will be no more! 
Now I do have to say there were a few spots that needed a second treatment (because they were truly awful), but it really worked!
Before (the worst stain in the house)
After (and this is one of the spots that I decided to treat again)

It has been about a month and a half and we are going strong...all of the once-upon-a-time spots are no where to be found!