Things of Spring

I'm so ready for Spring. My school is on spring break (3 weeks at that!--thank you year-round) and I've started to feel the spirit of Spring. The changing of seasons has always been something that I've loved. As Spring has sprung, I'm in love.

Everyday there is something new that brings a smile to my face as Spring becomes a reality!!

Today it was this!

My new bench ($37 from Costco) which we picked up about a week ago and it just happens to be exactly what I've been looking for to match the rest of my patio furniture since last summer and the price was right!
My basil plant from Trader Joes ($2.99-which is quite a deal when you consider the fact that it costs $2.79 for picked basil at TJs which does not last too long and always has some not so good looking pieces in it to start with) which are only available in the Spring and Summer months and allow me to use as much fresh basil as I want whenever I want (one of my favorite ingredients)!
My turquoise vase/jar/whatever you call that thing ($?-I don't remember) which I got last summer which matches my patio decor.
My cute little potted plant ($free) which my mother-in-law gave me and I have surprisingly kept it alive for over a month and a half (new record!!)!

Yay for Spring!