Vibrant Veggies

So I have a thing for beautiful fresh food!  Last night we went to the store after we got home from Mexico since we had nothing, and I mean literally nothing, in our house to eat.  We were just planning on grabbing a couple quick things and then I saw the most beautiful heirloom tomatoes!  They were so beautiful that I decided to skip on the regular, normal tomatoes and splurge!  I also got some really nice looking super sweet baby bell peppers.  Yet another amazing gift of Spring! 

This afternoon I was looking through the fridge and thought I should put my veggies out on display (since they look sooo nice) and enjoy them even more.  After I put them out I was inspired to make a wonderful Spring salad.  

This beautiful salad is composed of: romaine lettuce, a green heirloom tomato, a small orange bell pepper, basil, sunflower seeds, and a mix of parmesan, romano, and asiago cheese with a goddess dressing.  The heirloom was really sweet which was a wonderful complement to the deep herbal taste of the basil. 

The perfect light lunch for two!