Bottle Prep

I am really obsessed with bottles lately.  I love all of the different shapes and sizes.  I've even found myself looking at bottles differently when I'm shopping.  Sometimes I start looking at the shape of the bottle opposed to the quality of the item I'm trying to purchase.

It is a happy day when we finish off a bottle in my home, the things that excite me these days are quite strange..I know!

Once the bottles are emptied, I need to remove the labels.  It really is quite easy, but I thought I'd share the process.

Today I removed the labels to a few bottles: red wine vinegar bottle, sparkling cider bottle, salsa jar, and wine bottle.  First fill your sink with hot water and soak the bottles for about 20 minutes.

Then start to peal off the labels.  Depending on the adhesive used to attach the labels, there may be some leftover residue.  

Use a scraper to remove the additional adhesive.

Some of the bottles take to this method quite easily, others you may have to work a little harder on, but all of the adhesive will be removed completely.

Looking good!  I can't wait to see what I decide to do with these bottles!


  1. I am loving bottles too. I bought a small can of Goof Off that works wonders on the glue residue.


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