Farmer's Market

Our city has a new farmer's market.  I've driven by it for a couple months now and heard from my brother-in-law how great the samples are and so this past Friday Jenna and I went to see what it was all about.  

It was pretty small, but since we were on a time crunch it wasn't a problem.  We first tried a bunch of samples...kettle corn, tamales, coffee, and humus.  Then we walked down the next row and there were  beautiful fruits and veggies...and some more samples--Yum!

I love all of the "mutts" of the fruit world found at the market.

I got to try this one called the aprium.  It is a mix between an apricot and a plum.  It was really good.  

I also tried some cherries which were incredible.  They changed my perspective on cherries altogether.  Previously I wouldn't touch a cherry, but instead I bought a bucket of them!  Of course I didn't even take a picture of any of the berries since I was too busy sampling, but they were great.  The strawberries were so sweet and beautiful.  I was rather annoyed that I had some small, not as tasty ones in my fridge at week.

Now for the veggies...

...they were amazing looking as well!  I was tempted to get some bisteck tomatoes, but again I had a bunch of tomatoes at home already.

This celery was out of control ... I think it was on steroids! 

There wasn't a ton to see, but the quality of the selection there was really great.  I'll be excited to go back next week and get some fresh fruits and veggies as I won't be stocking up my fridge on Thursday this week.  Lesson learned.