Going Green (and Blue!)

As I'm sure you could tell from my posts on the Spring garden show, I am slightly in love with succulents.  I was telling my friend Becky about the show and asked her to pick up succulents for me if she was able to go.  She was like no I have a ton in my yard, you can come harvest some from my garden.  Of course, I'm clueless about that and so she had her daughter bring me some from her garden that night at church.  Well lucky me!

So I decided to go look for some pots to plant my new succulents in and of course they were either ugly, ugly and overpriced, or cute and over the top expensive.  So I decided to get creative!  I found these cute plastic salsa containers at Target and decided they would be great for individual succulents.  Now they don't have drainage holes in the bottom, so I don't know if this will just kill my plants...?  My hope is that they are supposed to be such strong plants that they will be just fine!  And if not...at least it looks good!

I also saw this big blue bowl on sale at target for $6, so I went for it!  
I really wanted to add some more blue to our patio and so it was perfect.

Here I am planting, with Toby's help of course!

Here are my final products!

I think the containers were such a cute idea!  They turned out so well!

I love the addition of green to our patio and the extra blue emphasis!