Happy Mother's Day!

This year for mother's day I wanted to make something for our moms.  I knew I wanted to give them flowers and I had an idea...

I have a bunch of different shaped vases left over from our wedding and I wanted to personalize them for my mom and for Josh's mom.  I had the idea to attach wooden clothespins that I had painted to the vases.  My hope was to make the vase double as a picture frame and attach a picture of us with our moms, but I couldn't find a recent pictures that had both of us with our moms.  Plan B was to double it as a card and that is exactly what I did.  I got some beautiful fresh flowers at Trader Joe's and it was complete!

For my Mom!

For Josh's Mom!

I loved that the vases were personalized for each of our mom's personalities.  They can reuse these vases and insert pictures for future uses!


  1. Love it girl! Also, good score on the cowboy rain boots! Oh, and I'm still waiting for that Garlic Knot recipe:) Click on this link and submit your cute ideas! It's all about the blog parties, I'm learning! You will get a bunch of new readers!!!
    Love and miss you, Tasha



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