In with the New

Out with the Old and in with the New...finally!

I think this clearly classifies me as a total housewife.  I am excited for...wait for it...a new vacuum!  Lame, perhaps, but excited none the less.  Our old vacuum, our first vacuum, has been with us for too long.  It was a cheap fix for two newly weds and it lasted us almost 2 and a half years.  Within those 2 and a half years it broke three times.  Two of those times my handy hubby was able to repair it (magically if you ask me-he is amazing!) to work again.  As the saying goes, though, three times was a charm...and time number 3 did it was no more.  For about a month we have been saving up and gearing up to buy a new, more sophisticated model. At last, Target was having a sale...$50 off of this lovely new vacuum.  I went home and researched and it seemed like a fit for us.

Today I got it all assembled and even put it to the test! 

One of my favorite features...5 year warranty.  That means I'm not going to have to dish out some serious dough for a vacuum for at least 5 years!  Plus it has a lifetime warranty on its belts.  Not too shabby

 I didn't know our carpets could be so clean and that a vacuum cleaner could truly be so nimble (it certainly lives up to its name)...this thing is flexible!

I'm so happy, maybe too happy!

Hey, who knows, maybe I'll start vacuuming more often?