Whenever I stop by Lowes or Home Depot, I always stop by the paint section to check for "oops paint."  The "oops paint" is an exceptional deal and if you check from time to time, you will be able to find paint colors that you could definitely use.  I am a big fan of using wall paint for everything for this exact reason...you can get way more for way less.  I've never seen "oops paint" anywhere else on any other kind of paint.

Just went to Home Depot and wasn't in love with any of the "oops" colors, but they had a promotion that if you bought a 97 cent brush you got a paint sample for free.  So two free samples, two paint brushes, and $2.11 later (after tax)...I have two perfect colors to coordinate with my living room/kitchen/dinning room area (we live in an apartment so it is a 3 for 1!).  Stumbled across a deal!