Pop of Pink

As I look around my living room, I am realizing I have created a color palette of teals, turquoises, and blues.  

This weekend as I went on my bargain hunt, I got a new pink frame.  I love it.  I was originally thinking of painting it white or teal and then distressing it so that it would blend with the color scheme I've already established, but my mind has been changed.  I love the pop of color that the pink gives among the teals and blues.  

All of these items are scores from my bargain hunting yesterday! 

One of my students gave me this rose during teacher appreciation week and it is still fighting!  I love this pot and with the pink rose, it gives an extra pop of pink that perfectly ties the arrangement together.  

This tea cup is also an edition I purchased yesterday.  I planted a succulent in it which I chose due to the pink edges of the plant.

And of course, the frame!

I'm loving this new pop of color in my home...who knows what it will lead to next!

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  1. You better ad this to Pinkalicious Thursday AND I just mentioned you on my latest post!

  2. Love the pink pop! I'm clicking to follow you 'cause you "follow" the Lord Jesus and I do too! jules from bles-id


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