Produce Decor

I'm sure I've said it, and I'll say it again!  I love decorating with the ordinary.  

Yesterday we picked up some fruits and veggies over at the farmer's market and now I have some new decor.  

I've realized how bored I get with the decor in my home.  By simply changing the produce in my beautiful salad bowl from time to time there is always enough of a difference to prevent boredom.

What better way to go green than to recycle your produce as decor?  
This keeps fresh fruits and veggies in our home and a fresh, new look every few days!

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  1. I love doing that too with fruits..great way to add a splash of color.

  2. That's a great way to keep things fresh, since you've got to eat! :)

  3. I keep my fruits and vegetables in a decorative bowl as well! Love it!
    Thanks for linking this up as well!


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