South of the Boarder Bargains

As I confessed in my post on my new addition to my patio, I kind of went on a small shopping spree in Mexico.  Right outside of our camp there was a little street market and I found some small treasures.  I am a huge fan of negotiating and I love feeling like I got a good deal.

I knew I wanted to get a blanket for my patio and I wanted a "poncho" (really a shirt like poncho).  Everyone was paying like 10 or 12 dollars for their blankets and like 10 dollars for the ponchos.  I decided I wanted to pay $16 for the two and so I planned to buy them together to gain some leverage for my negotiations.

I really wanted a white poncho and only one vendor had them, so immediately my options were narrowed.  Then he only had an XL (clearly not my size) and I asked him if he could check to see if he had another.  He found about 20 XL's and 10 kids XS before he found a medium for me.  I was just so excited that I decided to buy it without really looking at it.  Before I bought it, I grabbed the blanket I had my eye on so that I could negotiate the best price...which was a success!  Only paid $16!

As soon as I sat down for the worship session that night, it was pointed out that the poncho had a huge hole on the seam (totally fixable) and a few stains (which mostly came out in the wash).  So I probably didn't get the best deal, but I only paid $16.  I'm not as thrilled about the poncho, but I wanted a white one and it will be good for bonfires this summer and Mexico next year.  The blanket on the other perfect!

A couple days before we were about to leave Josh said he wanted to get me one of the purses...I really thought they were cute and that it would be a perfect beach bag.  The morning before we left, Josh and I went out to search for one.  We were debating between a couple of the bags for awhile and talking to the vendor and trying to negotiate a better price.  While we were looking Josh spotted this beautiful bracelet...I loved it!  We asked how much and he said it was $10.  I asked if he could do $8 and he said no, but he could do $9.  I pulled out my money and only had $13 and he wanted $10 for the purse originally and I had got him down to $9.  Josh pulled out 3 more and I asked if he could do $16 and he agreed!  So $16 for the both--8 each!  Here are a few pics of the is gorgeous!

Look at those vibrant colors!

Overall I purchased quite a bit, but only spend $32...not too bad for a week in Mexico!  


Okay I confess...I spent quite a bit of money at Ernie's, our sister church's taco stand, which is also located at the street market.  But in my defense, all the proceeds benefit their ministries.  

So overall money well spent!