Want S'more Pie?

Who doesn't like S'mores and who doesn't like pie?  So why not combine the two!  I got the idea from a Rachel Ray magazine and then made it work for my tight time schedule!  

Josh and I were heading to some friend's for dinner on Saturday night and were supposed to bring a dessert or some fruit.  Well being the overachiever, I wanted to bring a dessert and try a new recipe.  An hour before we were supposed to be there, we were still out running errands.  We had to run to Target to pick up a prescription and while we were there I was googling on my phone different "quick" recipes...no such thing!  Every so called quick dessert recipe took an hour and a half to two hours...not what I was looking for.  I then remembered the S'mores pie I had seen earlier that day and decided to improvise so that I could take a shower, get ready, and prepare a thoughtful dessert in about 45 minutes.

Here's the skinny:
Ingredients--chocolate pudding (already made--I was in a hurry!), Jet-Puffed marshmallow cream, and mini ready to go graham pie crusts.

There were going to be 4 of us and so here are 4 pie tins.  This clearly means that I have 2 left over...dessert for two tomorrow night?

Fill the pie crusts' filled half way with chocolate pudding and chill in the freezer for about 15 minutes.

Turn the broiler on about 5 minutes before you take the pies out of the freezer.

Fill the rest of the pie crust with marshmallow cream.

Place in the oven for about a minute--until the marshmallows brown.  Keep an eye on them as it goes much quicker than you would expect.

While they are in the freezer take left over recycled paper bags that have been dusted in spray paint, stamp S'more on them, and glue around a toothpick.  Once the pies are removed, insert signs and you have one set of cute, thoughtful S'more pies.

These were a total hit!  Our friends loved them and we loved them.  I was wishing there was more, but it was probably good that I had built in portion control!

Let me know what your thoughts are and how they turn out if (and when) you try them out!