5: Let the Countdown Begin

Let the countdown begin!  There are only 5 more days of the school year...which means only 5 more days until sweet summer freedom!

In honor of this wondrous event, I thought I'd dream about 5 of my favorite summer things.  Five things that I can't wait to enjoy in 5 days!

The List:
  1. Time- time to do all the things that I never have time to do, time to spend with my hubby, time to cook and bake, time to read, time to be creative, time to spend with the people I love...simply time!
  2. Beach days- laying out in the sun, playing in the ocean...simply the beach.
  3. Warm summer nights- eating out on the patio, watching the sunset...simply warm.
  4. Summer youth ministry- all the events, experiencing God through the students' eyes, all the trips...simply ministry.
  5. Ice tea- enjoying tea while walking around the lake, cooling down from a hot day, grabbing Starbucks with friends...simply tea.

I'm ready for an endless summer!
... since I got laid off today.


  1. Dropping in here from the SITS31DBBB forum! Yay to summer for sure! Well in Singapore it's summer all year round! :) Really awesome to know how excited you are to minister to the youths! God bless!

  2. That is such an epic picture.


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