Come On Down!!

Joshua Saenz come on down!!!  These are the words you will hear when (because you will--trust me you aren't going to want to miss this) you watch The Price is Right tomorrow morning at 10:00am.

A few weeks back my husband and I went with friends from church up to a taping of The Price is Right.  We just thought it would be a fun time to hang out and bond with a couple other couples, little did we know that my husband would be called down.   

Margie, our pastor's wife and game show contestant extortioner, gave Josh a few pointers for the interview time and he nailed it.  I guess that youth pastor personality really pays off!  

I've been dying to talk about it for forever and finally it will be aired tomorrow and I will get to!
So set your DVR...
Enjoy the show and be prepared to call me or leave me comments after!

It is going to be good!


  1. "OMG" but like really OMG Congrats I'll be cheering for Josh. PS: Are we going to the lake in your brand new vacuum cleaner soon?


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