A Good Start

A good breakfast is always a good start to your day.  I never used to be a breakfast person.  I would eat something if I had to or I'd just have a cup of tea or coffee.  I then started to look a little more closely at some health articles in relation to eating and they confirmed what I'd been hearing all along...breakfast is a must.

I have since started regularly eating breakfast and it truly has made such a big difference in my life.  A staple, during the work year, for me is oatmeal.  It is quick, as I buy organic instant, and it is easily portable, as I can make it in a coffee mug and eat it on the way to work.  Additionally oatmeal has a ton of nutritious value and it keeps you full for awhile.  Okay I guess I'm a fan.

I still can't eat it just plain though.  I'm starting to push away from brown sugar, my favorite as a little girl, and into some more grown up recipes.

Here is one of my favorites.  Vanilla, cherry, and almond oatmeal.

First you prepare your instant, organic oatmeal.  While it is cooking, chop some cherries and set aside to mix in once oatmeal is prepared.

Then add about a teaspoon of vanilla extract.

Top with slivered almonds.

Mix all together and enjoy!  
This meal is a great head start on many of the vitamins your body needs each day and a nice portion of fresh fruit.