Iced Coffee

The summer heat is on its way.  Right now it is beautiful outside and I am in the mood for some iced coffee.  Of course I could head over to Starbs (Starbucks-for those of you who don't use abrevs (abbreviations)) and spend $2.55 or I could make my own.  I'm going to opt to make my own!

Here is how:

Grab your coffee pot...with left over coffee from a few hours ago or brew a new pot.  Grab your cocktail shaker and fill it with ice.  Pour coffee into shaker.  If you drink it with cream and sugar go ahead and add that as well (of course I'll be skipping this step...I like my coffee black!).  Secure the lid on and go to town shaking it all up.  Notice this is exactly what they do at Starbucks...just saying.

Pour into your own cup and enjoy!