Lantern Love

There was a time when I was obsessed with lanterns.  I have a feeling that my obsession may be creeping back in.  It may just be one of my summer loves!

Here are a few of the lanterns I've collected over the past few years.

These are in my den decorating the top of our bookshelf.  I love the colors in our den.  The yellow is certainly one of my favorites.

This is one of two lanterns.  We found these before our wedding.  I had wanted to have one on each table instead of a floral center piece, but by the time we discovered them we could only find two.  

This lantern typically sits above the kitchen cabinets decorating the otherwise vacant space.

This lantern was given to us by my friend Tasha who knew about my love last summer!  It is part of our patio's decor.

Essentially I'm into lanterns again.  
I love the soft glow they provide when I candle is lit within.  
I'm almost inspired to go out and find some more...
....or maybe even to make some...?  
We shall see!


  1. I like the two in the middle. They are Moroccan lanterns you know. I have a pink one in my kitchen. Love all of your decor ideas!!

  2. I like lanterns, too. I think because they hint of a simpler time. I only have a couple, but my favorite used to belong to my dad, who's alive and well, but I stole his lantern, so you can pray for him... We used to use it when we went camping when I was a kid, so it's got fond memories for me!

    Love you!


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