The Price WAS Right!

There has been a lot of excitement over at our place since yesterday's showing of The Price is Right!

For those of you who missed it, you can watch it here on the CBS website!  (P.S. you need to watch through to the end or at least skip forward to the end)

One of my favorite moments is when Josh heal clicks onto the stage..the picture above was right after!  I also love that he got up by winning a row-bike--I didn't even know there was such a thing!  I'm pretty excited to try it out.

My husband is such a fun loving guy and this episode truly shows that.  He is so a youth pastor.  

I was just dying laughing as I watched him play and have so much high energy, but I truly died when I realized what he won.  Spoiler alert...he won the showcase aka a CTS Cadalac, a six night stay at the Aria hotel in Las Vegas, 2 tickets to "Viva Elvis," and a four night "Viva Elvis" cruise to the Caribbean.  Plus a bonus of 2 tickets to "Iris" in L.A and a limo ride to the show.

Basically the best experience!  It has been so much fun to get to relive it all after not being able to talk about it for forever (at least it felt like forever).  

On a more serious note...Truly this experience has been such a picture of God's grace in our lives.  Josh time and time again said, "I don't feel like it is mine, because I didn't to anything to earn it."  That statement pointed us to the cross and how this experience is a picture of God's grace.  God has given His grace to us through the cross although we have done nothing to deserve it.  I feel so blessed to see such a picture of Christ through this experience.  Even if we walked away with nothing, this analogy has done wonders for our faith and our view of the gospel.  God not only used this in our lives, but it has opened up lots of opportunities for us to talk about it with those around us.  I love the way that God works and moves!

Additionally, we are just so excited because we truly see this as God's provision for us, since I will not be working in the fall.  We are looking forward to selling the car (although it would be kind of fun to drive a Caddy for a little while).  We are glad to have the opportunity to give a portion of that away to our church and ministries that we love, a portion to a travel fund (yes!), and a portion to a down payment fund.

What an experience?!  My life is far from simple!