Simplicity is the Key?

I found this on pinterest early this morning (when I couldn't sleep!--ugh).  The design caught my eye and then the word simplicity.  I liked it and figured well I now have the identity of the "not so simple housewife" so I'll re-pin it.  As I thought more about simplicity being the key to successful living, I had to question the truth of this statement.  Is simplicity the key?  At first glance, without a second thought, I was thinking yes it is.  After awhile though, I started to think well Christ is actual the key to successful living.  Christ is sufficient for everything in our life.  Without Him there is no true success-what we may convince to be success in the world is a lie that we have exchanged for the truth of the gospel.  I was happy with this conclusion, but then I read it again.  Isn't the gospel, Christ, simple?  Yes it is.  The gospel is so simple in its truth that Christ came and lived a perfect life so that He could die a sinner's death to take on the inequities of our sins, and to be raised from the dead to conquer sin and death in order to put us in a right relationship with God.  He took on our sin and shame  and exchanged it for His righteousness.  He is our atoning sacrifice and we live, move, and breath in Him, in His grace, peace, and mercy.  It really is simple.  Simple enough to explain, but complex enough to change your entire life.  Complex enough to radically make a difference in your life daily.  Complex enough to preach it to yourself everyday to remind yourself of its truth and the difference it must make in your daily.

I think we too often just accept things without truly thinking about them.  We don't run them through our core beliefs and see if they match up or if something is out of line.  Why don't we?  We certainly should!


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