Cake Balls

As you all know, cake pops are all the rage these days.  One of my students and I decided that we were going to figure out how to make some and bring them to a youth event.  Well it didn't go exactly as planned, but now I have a fabulous recipe for cake balls.  So maybe they aren't the it thing...yet!

Here is what we did!

First we baked a cake and crumbled it all up in a bowl.

We then mixed in frosting.

We then took small sections and rolled them into small balls and placed them on parchment paper.

Meanwhile, we melted and mixed together 16 ounces of semi sweet milk chocolate and 16 ounces of white chocolate to create a chocolate coating. 

We then covered the cake balls with our chocolate coating.  Now at this point we attempted to stick pop sticks in them, but it was an unsuccessful venture.  Later I learned that it would have been helpful to freeze the balls first.  Quiet honestly we didn't have enough time to do so, but if we had we wouldn't have invented cake balls!  There is always next time-especially since Natalie and I have decided that we are going to try a bunch of recipes until we get it right...(this has still yet to happen-Natalie we have some catching up to do)!

We then showered them with sprinkles and put them in the fridge over night to harden and take shape.

The next day I brought these to our youth group Pramarama party and they were a hit!  They went so fast I didn't even get to try one!  At least I snuck a few before we put them in the fridge the day before. 

So what have we learned...1. we need to freeze or chill the cake balls first.  2. Cake Balls are the new rage...I just know they will be!

Let me know if you try it yourself!


  1. Yum cake balls! Haha they look good to me. Who wouldn't want a cake ball? I've just started following your blog :)


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