Frame Collage

I've always loved the look of several different sized frames arranged together on a wall and that is why I was so excited when my mom asked me if I would help her hang a bunch of photos in her stairwell.

My great grandfather was a famous horse jockey and we have have some amazing original prints from his career.  A few years back for Christmas we had them all framed and we gave them to my dad and hung them up in his office.  For the past year and a half though, they have been sitting in my parent's garage as my father no longer works at that company.  My mom had really wanted to get them up and asked for my help in arranging them and getting the up onto the wall.  I was so glad to be able to help!  First of all we arranged all of the frames on the floor to determine where they should go and make a "map" of what we hoped the wall would look like.

I just love these prints.  They are so interesting and such a reminder of our family heritage (and why I am such a shorty!).  This photograph is my favorite one.  It is a picture of my great grandfather after a big race and it is the center piece of the collage.  It is the most unique as it is the only one with color and it also shows both the race and a portrait of my great grandfather.  I love that the color was hand painted onto the print.  

Once we did we got to work.  We first hung the three photos on the small wall as you are coming down the stairs.  We thought that it would be easier since there were only three photos, but quickly realized it was going to be the more challenging feat since we wanted to line them up straight.

Sorry about the glare!
Next we tackled the collage wall.  We went frame by frame and slowly but surely, the wall was completed.  It looked great (even our cat had to stop and admire it)!

I love the way it turned out and the tribute it plays to my family's history.  It is a great addition to my parents home and I'm so glad I got to be a part of putting it together!


  1. Your frame collage looks great! To answer your question- I got my big, white clock at for the nice comments!


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