Keep it Clean!

I don't know if I'm the only one who has a hard time finding the motivation to clean my entire house, but it is often a struggle for me.   When the mood strikes, I'm certainly able to get a lot of cleaning done.  Generally, though, I find the thought of all of that work to be daunting.

For that reason, I decided to make a weekly cleaning schedule, so I can keep my home nice and clean.  The daunting task of cleaning one whole house is quickly diminished when it is broken up into bit size pieces.  Each day I have scheduled a few tasks for me to accomplish.  It is never too much and it prevents me from feeling overwhelmed.  I also was sure to put a reminder on my schedule of this I should be doing daily and monthly in addition to my daily "chores."

I also wanted to create a page with reminders of "focus rooms."  This is a way to keep the sometimes problem areas of our home in check.  These aren't things that need to be addressed weekly or monthly, but giving them some attention every couple months keeps them in check and prevents them from getting out of hand.  

I hope you can gain a little inspiration from my cleaning schedule and give me some support with a little accountability to stay up to date with everything.  

Happy Cleaning!


  1. That looks like a great system! I wouldn't say that I find housework daunting... I just plain don't like it. ;)

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