A Musical Monday

I recently heard a song by The Autumn Film.  I really liked it and it really reminded me of this group Josh and I have come to love, Page CXVI.  Page CXVI is a band that Josh and I discovered and they have three albums of hymns.  We just adore them!  I have always loved hymns and this modern take has been great.  We listen to them often and their voices are quite relaxing and I love how it keeps me centered and focused on what really matters.

Well when I heard The Autumn Film song I decided to go listen to a bit more of their music on iTunes.  As I listened I kept saying to Josh this sounds so much like Page CXVI.  As I looked a little deeper, I saw the "Listeners also bought" section and that it's first hit was two Page CXVI cds and so I investigated.  I found out that the two are in fact one band.  I was rather excited!

I found that they have a few free downloads (and when I say a few, I mean 14-score).  I was pleased to get a few samples before I decide to buy the rest of their albums.  So be sure to check it out!  There are no strings attached and the music is great.  There is also a free download for Page CXVI.  So enjoy your free downloads and let me know what your thoughts are!