Summer Mantel

There are many things in life that bring me great joy.  Two of those just happen to be the summer and the beach.  The two go hand in hand if you ask me.  Naturally, my summer mantel would be all about the beach since you can't have the summer without the beach.

I'm loving the simplicity of it all.  There is nothing over the top or crowded about this display.  The entire vision for this mantel started with a few books.  They are all sailing related and of course they fit into my color scheme.  

Coral was a vital part of this mantel.  It clearly distinguishes the display as beachy making it a beautiful and necessary addition.

The globe was a find!  I've been seeing them everywhere, but with price tags upwards of $40 (even at Home Goods) there was no way our little home was going to have one.  Fortunately the other day we were at Target and I saw this smaller one and had to check the price.  It was on sale, on sale, on sale at only $6.24.  The second I saw that price I didn't even have to think twice--It was going to be ours.  I really like the boldness that this globe brings to my mantel.  I've always had a touch of black in our space and dark furniture, but this globe anchored the entire room.  It made the rest of the black make sense due to its central location in the room.  

This bottle was one of the finishing touches for the mantel.  I'd tried using my twine bottle and a few other pieces, but it didn't work.  The sea glass was so necessary as it adds that extra pop of color to truly tie it all together.  

As I'm thinking about each component of this mantel, each are integral parts as it is such a simple arrangement.  I think it is beautiful and a nice change from spring to summer.  

My hope for this mantel was to resemble the feel of Pottery Barn's summer catalog.  How'd I do?


  1. Great look, great mantle! The sea glass bottle is the icing on the cake!!

  2. I think your mantel looks terrific! I love the globe as it reminds me of travel and summertime fun.


  3. The mantel looks wonderful!
    Found your blog through frugalicious me.

  4. Your mantel looks so fun and summery...follow each other? I'm following!



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