A Week of Vacation?

This has been quite the week.

We were house sitting which always feels a little bit like going on vacation.  Additionally we helped out with the Vacation Bible School at our church.

Vacation?  Perhaps.  

As far as housesitting is concerned...It was nice to be away from our home and try to set some time apart to do something things we wouldn't do if we were at home.  As far as Vacation Bible School is concerned...It was fun and exciting to help out in a ministry that Josh and I don't often get to interact with.  So yes this week was a bit of a vacation from our  normal life, but we were still in our city with all of our people.  We just had a bit of a change of scenery.

So was it truly a vacation?  I think the true test is to see what my response was coming back home today.  First of all, I was glad to be home.  Typically I'm not glad to be back home after a vacation.  So in a sense it was not a vacation.  Yet on the other hand, I feel refreshed, just as I do when I come home from a vacation and so in that sense it was.

My "vacation" is over, but I love my everyday life.  I'm one happy girl!


  1. EEEE I love that suitcase! Yes I know how you feel..sometimes being home is just the best.

    XO Lindsay


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