Bathroom Garage Sale Solutions

My bathroom has been rather blah for awhile.  I've been wanting to give it a little lift while providing some much needed storage.  My solution...some shelving.

But not just any shelving.  This piece was found at a garage sale for $7.  This was quite the steal in my opinion since this is a Pottery Barn piece originally priced at $130!  The sticker is even still on the bottom to prove it!

I love this piece because it adds some decorative elements while meeting a storage need.  Additionally, Josh and I got a medicine cabinet-ish piece awhile back garage saling.  The only problem was that were we wanted to put it, didn't have a stud.  So it has been unused and collecting dust on our patio.  Now we've decided to put it on top of the shelf to add even more storage and a display.

I love this medicine cabinet-ish piece!  When I bought it, it was in need of a coat of paint.  After painting it the door expanded and won't close all of the way.  I need to take care of that, but for now I know that I like the look of it with the shelving.  Putting our perfumes and colognes out on display makes them a little bit more accessible which is extremely helpful in the mornings.  I also put out my nail polishes, which I am now thinking is a bit too much.  I'll have to find something else to put there...any ideas?  

The plate is also a garage sale find and a nice bathroom solution.  The K for Kaitlin plate is great to put our wedding rings on when we aren't wearing them.  It is nice for when I hop in the shower or am doing dishes--since I hate getting soap scum in my ring.  

I love the storage and orderly display these two pieces come together.  I'm probably going to make a few more adjustments to the decor of it over the next few days, but I'm very happy with it! All of this from a few garage sales!

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  1. What a great look!! How is your school year starting out? I hope that you have a supportive class!

  2. Awesome job! You could even put baskets or little curtains on the shelves that have items you want to hide.. I only say that because I know if it were my shelf, it would look perfect for 2 seconds and then be messy! haha :) Lots of awesome finds!

    -Bonnie @ Revolutionaries

  3. Great finds! I love how you rolled the towels up. That always seems to look neater then just folded.


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