The Fairest of Them All--Summer Monday?

Summer Saturday came and went this past week!  I thought I'd pushed schedule on my post and sadly it appears that it didn't happen.  So this week here's to Summer Monday!

The OC Fair is such a summer treat-perfect for a Summer Saturday!

Last weekend Josh and I went over to the Fair and had a blast!  One of our students has been working at the Fair this summer and gave us tickets.  So we were really excited to get to have a free date night!

We enjoyed some really good people watching and were able to take a look at some amazing exhibits.  This year's theme was all about food...there were some amazing baked creations! 

We had a great time walking around!  We didn't actually go on any rides, but we had a fun time messing around with our camera and taking pictures of them at dusk.  

We also really enjoyed the pig races!  Who would have thought?!  These cute little pigs were so cute and the crowd was going wild...great for both people and pig watching!

We had a great date night!  It is so much fun to get to enjoy every part of life with my wonderful husband!  We had a blast and it truly was priceless (we didn't pay a dime)!

Happy Summer Saturday Monday!


  1. What fun you had!! I miss our state fair, not much of a production any more. :( Thanks for sharing!!

  2. great photos - I love taking fairground photos too :) Must have been a great time, just judging from the big smiles. take care, Diane


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