Girl's Trip

I'm so excited today! I am getting ready to head out of town for the weekend with the high school girls in our youth group! We have been planning this trip for awhile now and I can't believe it is already here (partially because I am doing the speaking this weekend and I couldn't get anything out on paper until two days ago)!

It has been a surprise to the girls as to where we are going.  We tried to throw them off by telling them to bring extra toilet paper so they would think we are going camping, but instead we are spending the weekend up in LA!  I'm anticipating a great weekend!  We are talking the whole weekend about what it means to be a biblical woman.  I hope that this is a meaningful weekend for the girls in learning how to practically live their faith out day to day.  Additionally I think we are going to have a blast!  We are fitting as many fun things as I think we can into this short three day trip!  So if you think of it please pray for us and especially for me as I'll be doing all of the teaching this weekend!

I did schedule a couple of posts for while I'm going to be be sure to check back tomorrow for more!