So maybe I have a new obsession...okay I'll admit it...I have a new obsession!  Last night "glamping" was introduced to me and I'm in love!  

Photo Credit: ecosalon
What is glamping you may ask well it is Glamour + Camping = Glamping.   Genius I know!  

Photo Credit: glampinggirl
This is what I would consider my kind of camping.  Little to no creeping creatures, a shower, not sleeping on the rock hard ground!  I am ready to pack my bags and head off to the nearest glamping destination!  How fabulous is this?! 

Photo Credit: mariesmaison
 Now this is one I could actually afford....Panama anyone?

Photo Credit: goglamping
Of course I've saved the best for last!  This would be a dream come true!  How beautiful is this?  I think I would die if I got to stay here!  I can dream...

Photo Credit: luxuryvacationsource
Maybe I'm just a little behind on the times, but I am dying to go glamping!  What do you think?!


  1. THIS is my kind of camping! yes please!


  2. Looks like fun. However, I will stick to my 5th wheel with full bath and air conditioning. I am just not into roughing it at all.

  3. The beach one looks fabulous, I want to go NOW


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