Summer Salad

I love the produce during the summer!  Salads are always a must in my household, but I love how fresh and light summer salads can be!The other day I was looking for a fresh new recipe for a salad to bring to our friends' home for dinner when I came across this great recipe.  It was a Basil-Tomato recipe and I am a huge fan of that combination especially in caprese salads and so I thought I'd give it a try

The recipe called for a home made lemon dressing (homemade = fresh and delicious) and so I was sold!  I gathered all of my ingredients in about 2 minutes this tasty dressing was ready to go!  I loved that this dressing wasn't over powering with lemon, but it gave the dressing a nice fresh taste.

Now the salad called for regular lettuce, basil, tomatoes, pin nuts and parmesan.  I had a nice blend of parmesan, ramono, and asagio cheese which added a little extra flavor to the salad.  I also didn't have pin nuts so I used sunflower seeds which was a perfect substitute.  

This salad was a real treat as it had so many layers of flavor!  I would certainly recommend it!  The exact recipe from Better Homes and Garden was great, but with a few adjustments I was able to create a few more interesting flavors which nicely tied the whole thing together.  


  1. Mmmm! This looks soo yummy. Great for a hot summer day :)


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