Thrifty Canvas Tip

I find it so frustrating that canvas are so expensive!  If you want a decent sized canvas, you are going to have to fork over upwards of $40 even with a 40% off coupon...yes I've had to do this.

I knew there had to be a cheaper way to score some canvases and here is what I came up with...garage sales!  Garage sales are great for so many reasons, but repurposing a canvas is one of my new favorite ideas!  The canvas, shown above, which is now above my bed as a constant statement of the love between my husband and I was once a not so pretty sight.  

We found this canvas at a garage sale for $2!  We had the insight to say we could just paint over it and start afresh!  So from scary to usable, this canvas was well worth the $2 since this canvas would have been about $50 without a coupon.  

This was such a quick an easy transformation.  Two coats of paint and this canvas looked brand new!

My helpful hint to you...when you are out thrifting or garage sale-ing look for canvases that you can paint over to create your next piece of art for your home!


  1. great idea! If I am not painting them (maybe covering in fabric or using to mount photos etc) I sometimes use old shoe boxes or even styrofoam!



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