DVD Catastrophe

A little bit of organization can go a long way!  Well at least that is what I'm telling myself!  My poor bookshelf has been in need of a little TLC for awhile, but I keep neglecting it.  I bought some photo boxes to store the clutter of our DVD mess and it has taken me a month or two to get around to it.  


Sadly I didn't buy enough of the boxes to fit all of our TV seasons and VHS tapes in boxes as well, but at least a good portion of it is cleaned up!  Fortunately our recliner sits in front of the bottom half of the bookshelf and so the unboxed items will be typically hidden.    Here is the before...not awful, but not cleanly either.  

I split up all of our DVDs into categories and then placed them in boxes in alphabetical order.  This will make it easy to pick out a movie when we are the mood for a particular genre. 

Much better!

This is a nice start, but the rest of the shelf needs to be redecorated.  I'm ready for something new.  I just hope I don't continue to procrastinate on finishing up the rest.  Keep me accountable!


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