Get the Look-PB: 5 Days, 5 Ways: EAT

I missed a day in my series yesterday and for that I apologize!  My husband's brother is getting married today and yesterday was really busy getting things together for the wedding and going to the rehearsal and the rehearsal dinner.  All that to say, I'm sorry I kept you waiting, but I'm back!

Today we are going to look at another way to get that Pottery Barn look for less!

I love in Pottery Barn's kitchen scenes when they put up the sign EAT in all black.  I think it is a very understated look, but also very chic.

I wanted to recreate that look, but I didn't want to spend any money.  I took a few cereal boxes and drew and cut out E, A, T and painted them black.  

I then simply taped them up on the wall above my magnet board and there you have it!  

A 100% free and recycled copy of Pottery Barn's look!  It turned out really great!

Be sure to come on by tomorrow as we look at our last way to get the Pottery Barn look for less!


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