Get the Look-PB: 5 Days, 5 Ways- Multi-Mat Frame

Welcome back friends to day two of 5 Days, 5 Ways Pottery Barn style!  This week we are looking at how to Get the Pottery Barn Look without paying the Pottery Barn prices!  One of the best ways to accomplish their look is by "accessorizing."  Yesterday we looked at how to accessorize with voluminous canisters and today we are going to look at matted frames!

Pottery Barn has so wonderful Multi-Mat Frames, but they are pricey!  I wanted to achieve this look without the $30-40 price tag per frame and so I did a little magic of my own!

Pottery Barn's Multi-Mat Frames

I had bought a poster in a frame at a garage sale about a month ago for 50 cents.  I liked the poster and asked if I could have it for 50 cents and the couple said I could have the frame too for that price.  I was pleased with the deal, but not in love with color of the frame's wood and so I painted it white.  I put it up on top of my bookshelf along with some accessories--it was alright, but kind of bland.  

On Monday Josh and I went to the mall to return a few items and while we were there we stopped by Pottery Barn (where I became rather inspired and thus decided to start this series) and it hit me that I could mat the back of this frame and really make the poster pop.  I was thinking that I would use burlap, but then I decided that I would just tea dye some fabric I already had instead and use it as a mat.  

The tea dyed fabric adds a nice color to this piece and it picks up the color of the sand in the poster.  Additionally since I used a fabric mat there is an extra element of texture to the matting which really works well with this frame.  

I love the way it turned out!  It is a 50 cent knock!  Of course you could always use a frame that has a darker wood to better match the Pottery Barn's frames, but I like the white for my space.  My conclusion: Multi-Mat Frames are totally beautiful!  I'm a fan, especially at 50 cents!

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for more Pottery Barn inspirations to help you "get the look!"