Get the Look-PB: 5 Days, 5 Ways: Wine Corks and Twine

Hello friends!  Hope you are enjoying another beautiful day and ready for another way to achieve that Pottery Barn look!  So far we've seen how to fill voluminous canisters and make a homemade multi-mat frame.  Today we are going to be looking at two different design elements, yes two, wine corks and twine.

Pottery Barn has used these two elements a lot in this year's fall decor.  I think they are right on.  Wine just screams Fall to me and I'm so excited to add some wine elements into my home's decor this season.  Also jute twine is just the right shade and texture to be so Fall.

On the left notice the wine corks in the decanter.  On the right notice the twine wrapped around the candle.  These two looks are so simple and quick to make and they quickly give you that Fall Pottery Barn look.  I've decided that this season I'd like to slowly transition out of summer and into fall.  As I'm beginning that process I'm incorporating fall and summer elements in with one another.   

Here I simply wrapped a piece of twine around a candle twice and knotted it (just like it is shown in the P.B. catalog).  By placing it next to a shell, I've created a contrast between the fall and beach elements.  Fortunately it works well as twine also fits in with a beach theme.

When the candle is placed on my dark wood bookshelf, it changes its look to be much more Fall-like.  

Additionally I filled my decanter with wine corks.  I've always placed my decanter on my bookshelf as a piece of decor (since I have a tiny kitchen with very little storage sometimes you have to be creative), but now I've added an element of Fall to it.  The wine corks really make the decanter pop.  By keeping my decanter on my bookshelf with some beachy elements, I again am mixing summer and fall and starting that slow process of transition from summer to fall.  Since I have my twine wine bottle on the shelf as a lighter beach element, it helps tie in the wine and the beach.  I also really think the sand dollar's presence helps lighten up the shelf.

Together these two elements accomplish two things.  First of all it gives you that Pottery Barn look for pennies.  Second it helps you transition slowly from summer to fall!

Be sure to stop by tomorrow for day four of 5 Days, 5 Ways.


  1. I just love these ideas and have pinned a few like them on my pinterest board. I also love anything that saves me money-great post!

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