Patience for the Patio

I always thought it would take years to get to a place where I had an area that looked like the items had been collected over time.  I finally have a space that fits that bill.  Our patio has always been such a great space, but also an awkward space due to its shape.  The patio is a "L" shaped area, but its rather narrow which makes it a difficult space to create flow and purpose in.  When we first moved in we scored on a table and chairs set.  Then awhile back we found a cheap matching bench at Costco.  Once we acquired the bench, things became to take shape.  Slowly we've added unique pieces that go, but don't necessarily match.  It is lovely!

Our patio has taken on a rustic country chic look and I couldn't be more pleased.  I've always loved this look, but when we were first married I didn't think that we would ever accomplish it.  First of all because these shabbier pieces often cost a fortune.  I've always thought it odd that people would pay hundreds for items that were distressed, but I wanted that look.  Secondly because of the commitment it takes to collect items from several different places that go without going perfectly.  Yet here we are.  All of these items were garage sale finds essentially which means you don't have to spend a fortune if you are patient and can wait for items to come together.  

Our patio has become that perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine with friends or just the two of us on a beautiful evening.  It is great to get to enjoy the beauty of  what has come together over some time.

I guess being patient does have its payoff!


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