Recycled Water Server

I love having people over for dinner!  I love to entertain and share my home, food, and a good time with my good friends.  One of the things I don't love though is having to refill water during a dinner party.

You know that when you have someone over for dinner it is easy to get the table set before everyone is seated.  The problem comes after you have served everything and are finally sitting down for dinner and enjoying your time with your guests.  Half way through dinner I still want to be a good host and make sure my guests have everything they need, but I don't love getting up ten times to refill water and interrupt my time with my guests.  

To solve my problem I decided to recycle a beautiful bottle, clean it, and use it as a water server.  I fill the bottle with cold, filtered water and put in the fridge a few hours before my dinner guests arrive.  I've also recycled a wine cork to plug the bottle and created a vintage looking tag and tied it on with twine to identify the bottle.  

By simply keeping the bottle next to the table, I can refill waters and stay at the table with my guest.  No longer does my time with my friends have to be interrupted.  The water is cold and the presentation is charming.  

This is a quick easy way to solve a small problem! We have used this water server on a few occasions thus far and everyone loves it.  My guest have complimented it and I've loved not having to leave the table once I've served dinner.  It is a win, win!


  1. I love the twine letter and this is a neat idea! I enjoy your blog. I am new to blogland so it would be great if you could view my blog and follow me. Thanks :)

  2. What a great idea. So simple (free) and cute. I will definitely have to try this next time we have company. Thanks for sharing,

  3. Super cuuuuute ..lovely..I found ya on hop and HAD to stop in :)) Great creativity..I'm Marilyn from and officially following ya with smiles .hope you can visit me sometime/follow back..TY..


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