Cake Leftovers Solution-Cake Balls!

Leftovers?  Yes these were leftovers, but now they are something new and presentable!

Leftovers have always been trying for me.  Ever since I was younger, I never wanted to eat the same thing for two meals in a row.  For that very reason I think it is important to be creative with leftovers.  Now cake leftovers are in a different category, but they still can present a problem.  You serve a cake and then a few days latter have someone else over and you can't serve half of a cake.  Maybe you can, but it doesn't look very thoughtful if you do.  My solution...making something new--Cake Balls!

I decided to take this leftover cake, crumble it, and mix it with some frosting to make cake balls.  I scooped the mixture out with an ice cream scoop to form a nice round ball.

I then rolled it in powdered sugar to add some interest and flavor.  

Then stacked them into a pyramid and to create a lovely presentation.  Be sure to refrigerate these until you are ready to serve.  They hold their shape best when cool.

What once was store bought is now a thoughtful homemade treat!  Your guests will never know the difference....unless they read my blog (sorry family for ruining the secret)! 


  1. Great idea! Why didn't I think of that?!

  2. ooo i love it!!! great idea girl:)

  3. I love this idea! My sister had these at her wedding, and they were delicious. Some were dipped in chocolate, too. But I never even thought of it as a solution for leftover cake. Now I'm thinking of baking a cake so that I can eat a little of it so I can have leftovers... :)

    Love ~ Kirsten

  4. These look delicious. I have yet to try making cake balls. It seems like it isn't too difficult. Gonna have to try it. Thanks for the easy instructions.

    If you get a chance sometime you'll have to check out my blog.


  5. Great idea. My one experience w/ cake balls was a complete disaster.


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