Happy October!

It is already October!  Time has seriously been flying by.  It is time again to share my new calendar for the new month.  I love my monthly calendars because I put them on my magnet board and it lets me keep track of everything in one central location.  It always has everything from both my schedule and my husbands so that we can be on the same page.

I'm hoping that this October actually feels like Fall!  Today was in the 90s at our place which is too hot if you ask me for a "fall day."  I'm ready for some cooler weather and some changing leaves...anyone else?  Well this calendar at least reminds me of some of the cooler fall colors even when it is a scorcher outside.  

As always I love to share my calendar creations and so if you would like a copy of this month's calendar please leave me a comment with your email address and I'll send you a copy!  

Happy October my friends!


  1. Cute Calendar! And we are having cooler nights and daytime temps in the 70s! Can't believe fall is actually here! Have a great day!

  2. I ♥ your calendar! Love that it is a fall theme and not Halloween! Please send me a copy to srgoodman2@yahoo.com. Thanks!
    P.S. Your blog is super fun:)


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