Splash Proof!

I know its the end of October, but I'm in summer mood again!  Vegas, the sun, and the pool have me in a different mindset.  I'm home again, but still wishing I could go lay out and enjoy some sun.

One of the things (okay the only thing) I hate about being out in sun near the water is when your reading materials get wet!  You throw a wet towel in your bag or sit too close to the splash zone, and your magazines and books get all wrinkly.  This is no good!  Therefore I thought it necessary to create a protective cover.  Let me present to you my little Splash Proof cover!

This little puppy is the perfect cover to transport your magazines and books to the pool.  It is made out of vinyl which makes it water proof.  I simply stitched this together in the shape of an envelope on my sewing machine and it was ready to go to Vegas!  The inside is soft and fuzzy which makes it a great cover for something a little more delicate such as your iPad.  Keeping your reading supplies in this little cover not only protects them from the water, but also from being bent or damaged as they are transported with everything else to the pool.  

So I know that water and the sun may seem like a distant memory for some of you where snow has already begun to fall, but perhaps this can give you a glimpse of something warmer to look forward to.  I know it was a wonderful solution for me this past week.