Spaghetti Bingo

BINGO!  Who doesn't love a game of Bingo and some good old spaghetti?  Josh and I put on a youth group fundraiser a few weeks ago that combined the two!

It was such a fun night for dinner, games, and of course dressing up!  Before all the fun could happen though we had to decorate and transform the youth room at our church into a Bingo hall.

Tables of 8 were covered with butcher paper to give the room a family style restaurant feel.  Crayons were of course provided so that everyone could doodle while they ate, played, and hung out.  

To set the stage for the youth fundraiser, we wanted to communicate the vision of our group to everyone as soon as they sat down.  Down the center of each table the vision was on display.  Carly's lovely handwriting centered the table and let each guest know our groups vision is to reach, build, and send.  

Jute was our common piece of decor throughout the event.  It was found on crayon jars, napkins, and banners.  It is such a simple, cheap way to "tie" everything together.

Banners further displayed the purpose behind this fundraiser.  The youth group is all about the students and so their photos were put up on display.  Clothespins held up each photo and added to the rustic feel of the event.

Photos were also put on display on two faux trees I made out of sticks.  Small photos were printed and made in to ornaments to share even more of the students at our events.

Students preformed and slides of events played all night while Tom, one of our amazing leaders, called bingo.  If you ever want to experience all of the hilarious bingo sure to come visit Tom next time he is calling!

The event was a blast and everything came together really nicely.  The Bingo Queen and King even came to support our event!  

Yes..that is my hubby and yours truly!

Let's play BINGO!


  1. What a fun event! Those kids are lucky to have you. I had some great youth group leaders growing up that made a huge impact on my life.

  2. What a great event. If you don't mind my asking, what was the fundraiser portion? Did people just pay to eat, or to get in the bingo game, or both?? My hubby is a youth minister and we avoid fundraisers because we never can think of anything out of the box, but this seems like a new twist on an old favorite.



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